Privacy Policy

Our mission is to facilitate communication between start-ups and investors and to help propel the growth of start-ups. We are transparent about the data we collect and how we use it. Our Privacy policy applies to any member or visitor to our website Ninv Business Evolution will be the controller of your personal data.

This Privacy policy can be modified and if we make material changes we will bring it to your notice through our services or through other means to let you review the changes before they became effective. In case you object to any changes you can close the account. You provide data to us to create an account with us. The data you provide includes your name, email address and/or your mobile number, and a password. You also have choices about the information on your profile that you may want to include. Additional information helps you to get more from our services. You don’t have to post or upload personal data though if you don’t it may hamper your ability to grow and engage with your network on We receive your personal data when you use the services of our customers and partners, such as employers and applicant tracking systems providing us job application data. We log usage data when you visit or use our services, including our sites, app and platform technology. We also collect information about you when you receive, send or engage with messages in connection with our services. We receive data when you visit sites that include our plugin, ads or cookies or login to other services from your account with us.

How your data is used by us?

Your data is used by us to provide, personalize and develop our services. By using our services you connect and engage with others, exchange knowledge, find and be searched for work opportunities, learn and grow. You may connect with professionals with whom you wish to stay in touch. When you connect with other members you will be able to see their connections and can exchange professional opportunities. The data about you will be used to help others find your profile and suggest connections to you and others. You have the choice to invite someone to our services, send connection request or allow another member to become your connection. We will send invitation reminder to the person you invited. We will also use your content and activity to provide notices to your network and others. We will use your data to recommend jobs to you and you to recruiters. We may contact you through email, mobile phone, messages to your inbox and other ways through our services. We may send you messages about how to best use our services, security or other issues related to services. We also send messages about network updates, reminders, job suggestions and promotional messages from us.

We promote our services to you and others and use your data and content for invitations and communications promoting network growth, engagement and our services. We also use your data to conduct research and development for the future development and growth of our services and to drive engagement on our services. We and others may conduct polls and surveys through our services and you are not obligated to respond to them and have choice about the information you provide. You may choose to not participate in survey invitations.

We use your data to help you and to fix problems by using it to investigate, respond to and resolve complaints. We also use your data for security, investigations and fraud preventions.

How your information is shared by us?

Data that is included by you on your profile and the content you post or any social action such as like, comment, follows or share that you take on our services will be seen by others. If you link your account with others’ services your personal data will be shared with them. The sharing and use of that personal data will be described in, or linked to, a consent screen when you choose to link the accounts. We will share your personal data with our affiliates to provide, improve and develop our services.

We may use others to help us provide our services. They will have access to your data as much is required to perform these tasks on our behalf and are under obligation not to disclose your data for other purposes. We may also share your data when our business is sold to others, but in all probability it will continue to be shared in accordance with the Privacy policy.

We may need to share the data if required by law and there is reason to believe it is reasonably necessary or to help protect the rights and safety of you, us or others.

Data retention, control and account closure

Your personal data is retained by us till your account is in existence or as needed to provide you services. In case you use our services only when looking for a new job every few years, we will retain your information and keep your profile open until you decide to close it. You can access your personal data and have the choice to delete it. You also have many choices about how your data is collected, shared and used. You can delete, edit, ask us to stop using all or some of your personal data.

In case you decide to close your account with us your personal data will stop being visible to others on our services within twenty four hours. We may retain your personal data even after you have closed your account if reasonably necessary to comply with legal obligations or meet regulatory requirements. Any information you shared with other members will remain visible after you have closed the account and we do not control data that other members may have copied out of our services.

We use security safeguards designed to protect your data, such as HTTPS, and monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks on a regular basis. However, we cannot warrant the security of any information that you send to us.


We will collect and process your personal data only when we have lawful bases and lawful bases includes consent. You have the right to withdraw or decline consent at any time.